The City

Chuzhou is a prefecture-level city in Anhui province, P.R. of China, with a population of 4.56 million and an area of 13,500 sq km. It is located in the greater metropolitan area of Nanjing, about one hour’s drive distance. Urban Chuzhou has a population of 660,000 and an area of 100 sq km.



Zhu Yuan Zhang Chuzhou has long history and profound culture. It was first established as a prefecture 1,400 years ago during Sui Dynasty (589 AD). In China, Chuzhou is famous for piece of literature which an official of the city, Ouyang Xiu, wrote in Song Dynasty ‘The Zuiweng Pavilion’. (1599 A.D.)

Also the first emperor of Ming Dynasty was born in a city in Chuzhou prefecture. (1368 A.D.) During the last imperial dynasty, Qing Dynasty, a local writer, Wu Jingzi, became famous for his satirical novel ‘The Anecdotes of Scholars’.

More recently, after the Cultural Revolution, in 1978 China’s rural reform was started in Chuzhou with a new distribution system for land, this reform was one of the foundations of the economic reform and opening policies which supported the development of China until now.


The major tourist attractions of Chuzhou include Langya Mountain (ranked as an AAAA tourist attraction) with a big Buddhist monastery and Zuiweng Pavilion (the best pavilion in China). Furthermore the are the relicts of the grand Ming Capital and the Ming Mausoleum and other historical sites which can be visited. These attractions are famous across the country. Chuzhou is one of the largest grain production bases in China. Several important mineral deposits are mined in the prefecture of Chuzhou.


Chuzhou is focusing on upgrading and focusing its economy. Aiming at building itself into a regional center between Hefei and Nanjing, working on a project called ‘Brand New Chuzhou’. The goal is to expand the urban area and the urban population to 200 sq km and 2 million.

The local industry employs more than 50,000 engineers and technicians and more than 800,000 skilled workers.There are five universities and more than thirty vocational schools in Chuzhou. The vocational schools work closely together with the industry to provide qualified workers for companies in Chuzhou.