Sustainability Initiative
of the year

Nominations for this category of ITA Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards are sustainable initiative that have been implemented in tunnelling or underground space use projects between 1 January 2015 to 1st April 2017.

Sustainability Initiative of the Year

Entries for the sustainability initiative shall illustrate use of unique and new solutions for underground works to provide sustainable solutions.

Judges will consider products/projects that demonstrate:

  • Reduction of impacts brought about by traditional surface construction.
  • Sustainable benefit factors leading to the product/project’s selection over others.
  • Solutions that will result in reduced energy and material consumption throughout the lifetime of the product/project.
  • Sustainable design – including analysis of “upgrade” contra new project.
  • Successful implementation and measurement of product/project success.
  • Public/community relations programs to bring public support to the project and mitigation of construction impacts.
  • Reduce impact on carbon footprint and climate change.
  • Overall Client satisfaction with completed work.