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Innovative Underground Space Use

Lefdal Mine Data Center The Norwegian Solution – where scale and flexibility meet resiliency

Lefdal Mine was one of the world's largest olive mines, located next to Nordfjord in western Norway. The mine has large caverns in six levels, totally 75 pcs. and expandable area of 120,000 m2 and has a total length of 500 m and width of 350 m and reaching a depth of 160 m.
The entry addresses novelty, it addresses re-use of existing underground rock caverns that earlier were excavated for extract mineral resources, and it addresses technologies that enable a green approach with renewable energy.
These caverns have been inspected by engineering geologists to make sure that they were safe enough before the beginning of the project. The proposed project is certainly one that fulfil many of the Sustainable Development Goals and the concept of circularity. By reusing the existing mine openings the concept does limit the above foot print, it take benefit of the availability of sea water for cooling purpose and electrical power generated through hydro power development.
Last but not least, in a future that may suffer consequences of climate change the storage is safe for natural disasters, including earthquakes.