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Project of the Year (between €50M and €500M)

Large-diameter shield tunnel engineering project in karst strata of sea area

As a full-line control project of Dalian Metro Line 5, the large shield tunneling project between the railway station and the Barracuda Bay South Railway Station is the key to breaking the barrier of the bay from Qingniwa, Barracuda Bay and even Ganjingzi old district. The 30-minute travel time on both sides of the gulf has been shortened to less than 3 minutes, thanks to this tunnel.
With a total length of 2,882m, this tunnel construction
has many positives impacts. In line with the development direction of the national urban rail transit construction, the tunnel improves the industry's complex stratum shield manufacturing and construction technical capabilities The tunnel on the sea-crossing section of Dalian Metro Line 5 traverses the karst development area.

Cost : 81.8 Million Euros

Project of the Year (between €50M and €500M)

South extension of the metro Line 14 in Paris - GC02 contract

The Grand Paris Express is one of the biggest infrastructure projects of the century. It consists of building 200 km of new metro lines and 68 stations around the city of Paris. Among the four new lines, which are planned to be completed before the deadline for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, the extension of line 14 towards Paris-Orly Airport is one of the most priority projects, as it represents the link between the airport and the capital.
Built entirely underground in the South of Paris, the South extension of the line 14 comprises 14 km of underground tunnel, 7 stations and 12 shafts.

Cost :  200 Million Euros