4th edition of the ITA Tunnelling Awards 2018
The winners 2018


Since 2015, the international competition "the ITA Tunnelling and Underground Space Awards" seeks and rewards the most ground-breaking innovation and outstanding projects in tunnelling and underground space utilization. This year the event takes place in China, Nanjing. After editions in Hagerbach, Singapore and Paris, France the fourth ITA Tunnelling Awards returned to Asia for the 2018 event. The three previous editions received more than 240 entries and 110 nominations, rewarded 30 projects and personalities and gathered more than 750 attendees.

This location is meaningful as China has had to cope with increasing space-scarcity issues and while innovative projects are born to reshape cities of tomorrow, primary needs still concern major infrastructure with a strong focus on massive rail transportation projects and energy transportation means.

Vice-President of the ITA, Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan highlighted the increasing role of subterrean spaces in China for 40 years: “Although the uncertainty of geology and complex environment China completed 45.000 km of tunnels over the past 40 years. One of the main issue for China is also the construction of tunnels in high altitude. The Sichuan-Tibet Railway, a mega future project is also one of the most challenging as it has to cope with a freezing environment. »

Through 8 categories and 1 Lifetime Achievement Award, the ITA Tunnelling Awards identifies and reward major disruptive innovations and groundbreaking projects. This edition, the event took place in Chuzhou, November the 7th, following the 20th CTUC conference (Chinese Tunnels and Underground Works Conference). After two days of presentations, case studies and technical conferences, the Awards ceremony was a successful finale and offered the audience an immersion in ancient China. With more than 300 attendees for the 4th edition (day and ceremony), the ITA Tunnelling Awards confirms its position as a reference for recognizing major projects and innovations on-going in the world.