The 8TH EDITION OF THE ITA TUNNELLING AWARDS 2022 will take place digitally in a platform allowing live and prerecorded sessions, an exhibition hall, sponsoring…

The Awards will take place over three days. The pre-recorded of all finalists will be available during these days.

During these three days, finalists will present their achievements and highlight the unique and innovative features that drew the judges' attention to their work. A broad array of the most impressive tunnelling works, as well as innovations and excellence in engineering, safety, sustainability initiatives and underground space concepts, from around the world will be presented.

In addition, we will organise panel discussions on different topics with the finalists and other experts.

Five-panel discussions are scheduled to take place over the course of three days and will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

During the Panel Discussions, you will be a unique opportunity to discover, learn and share outstanding projects and recent state-of-the-art practices.

The event will also be an opportunity for networking, and to reward the Younger Tunneller of the industry.

ITA Tunnelling Awards Online have been a success allowing people that generally do not participate to take part in the celebration of the tunnelling industry’s success.