Focus on the TUCSS Conference

Next November 10th, in Singapore, a one day conference will be hosted by the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Society of Singapore (TUCSS) in Marina Bay Sands. On this day, 8 high profile keynote lectures will focus attention on the latest developments in tunnelling and highlight new challenges and innovations. This conference will bring light and attention to the diversity of global tunnelling methods and their implementation in the local Singapore context.

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The list of 33 finalists is disclosed

On November 10th and 11th 2016, the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association is presenting the second edition of its ITA Tunnelling Awards. This international competition recognizes and rewards the most ground-breaking achievements and innovations in underground infrastructure worldwide. Following a very successful 2015 edition, participation has been highly competitive this year, with 98 entries from 25 countries competing for awards in nine categories. The 17-strong expert judging panel, chaired by the ITA President Tarcisio Celestino, concluded the review of entries last week. Based on their detailed evaluation, 33 entries have been selected as finalists and will participate in the second evaluation stage to determine winners.

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ITA Awards 2016: international panel of experts to reward outstanding achievements in underground constructions

17 judges, professionals of the tunnelling and underground space industry

The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) organizes the second edition of the ITA Tunnelling Awards in 2016. This event, to be held in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, on the 10 th and 11 th of November 2016, will consist in a one-day technical conference with 8 high-profile keynote lectures (11/10) and in a one-day Award conference and Banquet Diner (11/11), during which the Awards will be presented. In order to reward the most ground-breaking achievements and young personalities in underground infrastructures worldwide, the association will draw upon a panel of 17 civil engineers and experts in the tunnelling and underground space industry, chaired by the new president of the ITA, Tarcisio Celestino. The best entries will be distinguished through 9 Award categories.

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Travaux souterrains : ITA AITES s'apprête à récompenser les meilleurs projets

Les 10 et 11 novembre prochains à Singapour, l’association internationale des tunnels et de l’espace souterrain (ITA AITES) remettra les ITA Tunneling Awards 2016 aux meilleures réalisations et travaux souterrains dans le monde.

Après une première édition réussie en 2015 (110 nominations, 11 projets récompensés), l’Association Internationale des Tunnels et de l’Espace Souterrain lance la deuxième édition de son grand concours, les ITA Tunneling Awards.

ITA to Host Second Tunneling Awards Nov. 10-11

After a successful launch in 2015 (110 nominations, 11 awards for projects and personalities), the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) is launching the second program for the ITA Tunneling Awards. This event will take place in Singapore Nov. 10-11, 2016. ITA is now inviting nominations.

Profiling particularly outstanding achievements in underground infrastructure across the world through this competition, ITA intends to identify and support a wide and diverse range of tunneling projects, from large-scale and large-budget infrastructure projects to more specific ground-breaking technical innovations.

ITA Awards 2015: the Oscars of Tunnelling

The ceremony of the Oscars of the underground took place last night in the charming and fascinating Hagerbach test gallery in Switzerland. The first night of the ITA awards ended with a huge audience and was followed on the internet through social networks.
Perhaps the most coveted prize for the major project of the year goes to the Eurasia Tunnel in Turkey.

However, the first night of the awards speaks mainly Italian with two awards that go to the station “Toledo” in Naples and to the enterprise “Salini-Impregilo” and the addition of a well-deserved lifetime achievement award for Prof. Eng. Pelizza of the Turin Polytechnic.
Sweden also imposes itself in the conquest of some coveted awards including one for the outstanding project of the year and that for the tunneling project of the year (along with Finland).

Generally, however, the prizes have been awarded in various parts of the world, in full harmony with the international role of the evening.
Europe is still the leader of the tunneling but the rest of the world is not watching.