For the category "Major Project of the Year" (with a budget over 500 M€)

Project nameProceeding / Video link
Ismailia Tunnels under Suez Canal
Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) Putrajaya Line Underground Works
Shantou Bay Tunnel Project

For the category "Project of the Year" (with a budget between 50 and 500 M€)

Project nameProceeding / Video link
Large-diameter shield tunnel engineering project in karst strata of sea area
Ping'an Tunnel on Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway
South extension of the metro Line 14 in Paris - GC02 contract

For the category "Project of the year incl. Renovation" (with a budget up to 50 M€)

Project nameProceeding / Video link
Long Term Recycled Water Release Plan Stage 1 – Gold Coast Seaway
Relocation of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works into Caverns
Tangjiawan Dananshan Emergency Shelter Project

For the category "Technical Innovation of the year"

Project nameProceeding / Video link
A cloud based intelligent system for fully automated realtime design of tunnel supporting system
MISSIONOS for the Shaft & Tunnel Excavation Monitoring System for the DTSS2 Project
O'Dive PRO services: decompression procedures monitoring
Riachuelo Lote 3 – Innovative method for the construction of sea outfall projects - The Risers Concept
Virtual Master Rings, Replacing a tradition

For the category "Beyond Engineering"

Project nameProceeding / Video link
Is shield tunneling spoil a waste? A novel solution says no.
Xueshan No.1 Tunnel Project of Huashixia- Dawu Highway

For the category "Innovative and Contributing Underground Spaces"

Project nameProceeding / Video link
Fuxin Parking Lot of Shenzhen Rail Transit Line 14
Lefdal Mine Data Center The Norwegian Solution – where scale and flexibility meet resiliency

For the category "Young Tunneller of the Year"

Project nameProceeding / Video link
Gianluca Comin
Keith Bannerman
Michael Mains
Nick Hatzibousios
Zhuanzhuan Zhang