For the category "Major Project of the Year" (with a budget over 500 M€)

Project name Proceeding / Video link
CVB Tideway East
Purple Line Extension, Section 1
Tamoios Highway - The construction of the largest road tunnel in Brazil

For the category "Project of the Year" (with a budget between 50 and 500 M€)

Project name Proceeding / Video link
Sub sea rock tunnels Faroe Islands
Tiantaishan Tunnel Project of Baoji- Pingkan Highway
World’s first spiral excavation using H&V Shield Tunneling Method
Xiamen Metro Island-Xiang’an Cross-sea Tunnel

For the category "Project of the year incl. Renovation" (with a budget up to 50 M€)

Project name Proceeding / Video link
Circle Line 6 Contract 885 - Construction of Prince Edward Road Station and Tunnels
Guanyinyan Tunnel: an urban tunnel project of the unequal span four-arch tunnel with two-way and ten-lane
Huanping Road Project
Underground Tunnel Project Passing through Taiyuan Railway Station
Shield Tunnel Of Super-Large Section Embedded In Soft-Hard Stratum At High Earthquake-Intensity Area
Technology for Shallow Three-lane Extra-large-section Rectangular Pipe-jacking Tunnel
Unprecedented In-Tunnel Diameter Conversion of the Largest Hard Rock TBM in the U.S.

For the category "Beyond Engineering"

Project name Proceeding / Video link
Multi-pipe jacking method for the construction of city-core metro station in soft soil stratum
Urban Long Span Tunnel Construction Hazard Mitigation Technology and Application

For the category "Product/Equipment Innovation of the Year"

Project name Proceeding / Video link
Equipping the TBM with “Ears” — Real-time Tunnel Geological Prediction System for the TBM Based on Rock-boring Seismic Source
Integration of Robotics into the construction works of the Chuquicamata underground mining site
Non-Circular Tunnel Boring in Hard Rock

For the category "Innovative and Contributing Underground Spaces"

Project name Proceeding / Video link
Innovative Application of Low-carbon and Energy-saving technology to Erlangshan Tunnel on Sichuan-Tibet Expressway-A Power-generating and Self-breathing Tunnel
Underground Transportation Complex in the Optics Valley Plaza
V-column Space of Shenzhen Huangmugang Transportation Hub